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Born on September 4, 1981, Beyonce Giselle Knowles, simply known as Beyonce, is an American Pop/R&B singer, songwriter, actress and fashion designer.  Born and raised inHouston, Texas, Beyonce rose to fame in the late 1990s as the lead singer of the R&B girl group Destiny’s Child, one of the world’s best-selling girl groups of all time.








After the end of Destiny’s Child’s and during her time away from the group, Beyonce released various solo albums such as Dangerously in Love in 2003, B’Day in 2006 and her third solo album I Am… Sasha Fierce in November 2008.  Beyonce is one of the most honored artists with 16 Grammy awards –13 as a solo artist and three as a member of Destiny’s Child.












In acting, Beyonce began her acting career in 2001, appearing in the musical film Carmen: A Hip Hopera.  In 2006, she starred in the lead role in the film adaptation of the 1981 Broadway musical Dreamgirls.








In fashion, Beyonce launched House of Dereon, in 2004, and has endorsed such brands as Pepsi, Tommy Hilfiger and L’Oreal.







As a result of her many accomplishments and influence in various industries as an entertainer and business woman, in 2010, Forbes ranked Beyonce at number two on its list of the 100 Most Powerful and Influential Celebrities in the world.  Time magazine also included Knowles on its list of the “100 Most Influential People in the World.”



Fashion Transformation & Image


































































































































In commenting about her fashion transformation over the years, Beyonce has noted that she always wants to “dress sexy” and “carry myself like a lady.”  When she’s in public, this is always the case.  She also notes that although she really explores the fashion boundaries while on stage, it is “absolutely for the stage.”

Beyonce also tries to incorporate fashion into projecting an image into everything she does.  As someone who is fond of fashion, Beyonce combines its artistic elements with her music videos and performances.  According to noted Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, Beyonce uses different styles and tries to harmonize it with the music while performing.  For example, in her B’Day Anthology Video Album showed many instances of fashion-oriented footage, depicting classic to contemporary wardrobe styles. People magazine recognized Knowles as the best-dressed celebrity in 2007.  Even Beyonce’s mother has noted the transformation of her daughter from the beginnings of Destiny’s Child to today.  So much so that she wrote a book detailing the transformation of Beyonce and Destiny’s Child’s fashion titled Destiny’s Style: Bootylicious Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Secrets From Destiny’s Child, an account of how fashion had an impact on Destiny’s Child’s success.

Beyonce’s image has transcended many different arenas.  The magazine Rolling Stone Beyonce has become a crossover sex symbol.  In another case, Beyonce was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2007, the first non-model and non-athlete woman to pose on the issue and the second African American model after Tyra Banks.  Her image and transcendence have been found in magazines, billboards, ads, and almost everywhere else imaginable.  She has a appeared as a guest on the news channel CNN Larry King Live offering her take on politics and singing at President Barack Obama’s inauguration.










Impact on Fashion

In addition to the obvious influence on music, Beyonce has also had a tremendous impact on fashion that begins with her family.  The hip-haute fashion legacy that is known as the House of Dereon was inspired by Tina Knowles’ mother, the late Agnez Dereon, and began in Louisiana over 80 years ago. Agnez (Soul) was a skilled seamstress and dressmaker who made beautiful custom clothing for private clients throughout the south. A true renaissance woman, Agnez used her creativity, determination and “can do” spirit to accomplish just about anything she set her mind to.
Agnez’s artistic spirit influenced three generations of stylish women and continues to inspire countless others today.

Beyonce and her mother introduced House of Dereon, a ready-to-wear contemporary women’s fashion line, in 2006. Reflecting the three generations of women in their family, with the name Dereon paying tribute to Knowles’ grandmother, Agnez Dereon.  The fashion line reflects Beyonce’s taste and style. Launched in 2006, products of House of Dereon received public exhibitions during the group’s shows and tours.  The store, which is available across the United States and Canada, sells sportswear, denim along with fur, outerwear and accessories including handbags.  Knowles also teamed up with House of Brands, a local shoe company, to produce a range of footwear.








Beyonce mixes trend-breaking style mixed with pure attitude. Because of Beyonce’s sense of style and her chameleon-like take on fashion is ever changing and flawless.  The mission of the company is simple: to fuse celebrity power and design artistry into a brand of global importance, a house of aspiration and inspiration, where entertainment and fashion merge seamlessly.




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Men’s/Women’s Casual & Formal Wear

1) Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011

A smart casual attire as it is both fashionably elegant yet also casual. The attention is also drawn to the color matching of the pink V-Neck T-shirt, the neck adornment, green belt, complimenting each other for the total look.

2)D&G Spring 2011

Hip casual. A successful match of shirt and jacket  and in combination with the right trouser makes a very alluring outfit for this trendy image.

3)D&G Spring 2011

Casual yet elegant in the combination of the monochrome color match and mix of uni colored trousers with patterned shirt  and cardigan.

4)Chanel Spring 2011

A true fashionista’s outfit for the self conscious and attraction seeking. Can be worn on trendy or semi formal occasions.

5) D’Squared

A today’s metrosexual attire in perfect harmony from top to bottom can be worn as a party outfit or as an urban fashion statement.

6)Givenchy Spring 2011

The wildlife in a urban jungle . The elegant transformation from beast to man as leopard is considered one of the most elegant creatures it can also identify elegance worn by humans.

7)Versace Spring 2011

Formal with a somewhat casual twist. Good for sophisticated afternoon or pre-dinner meeting.

8)Dolce & Gabbana

An image of urban chic suitable for many occasions such as a business meeting or cocktail gathering.

9)Gianfranco Ferre Spring 2011

For the formal black and white event, wedding at the beach or captain’s dinner on a cruise.

10)Versace Spring 2011

Black is beautiful, it epitomizes elegance and sophistication. Can be worn on many occasions, above all black tie events.

1) Gucci Spring 2011

A casual mix of style and color. Young and chic for a color conscious self assured woman to be worn for casual meetings or brunch.

2)Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011

Sleek black tight worn with a military inspired jacket to give extra chic look for girls of the new generation. The over all look  is accentuated by the eye catching green belt.

3)Christian Dior Resort 2011

Barbie wannabe casual look for ultra chic and trendy. This outfit is mostly suitable for women of size zero and looks better on taller women in their late teens to early 20’s.

4)Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011

High waisted bermuda horizontal stripped skirt perfectly matched with white blouse for everyday wear . Casual yet elegant.

5)Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011

Military inspired trench dress for the city war zone. Non-leathal in its intent but effective in its look for today’s fashion victims.

6)Christian Dior Resort 2011 ready-to-wear

Glamour from head to toe, scintillating in color and cut. A sure stunner which will turn heads wherever the wearer will appear. Suitable for any fashion or gala occasions.

7)Versace Spring 2010 ready-to-wear

Making all the man lust to meet the woman in this voluptuous dress. Women with their curvaceous body can definitely pull this look off. Perfect asymmetric cut and matched in color and design.

8)Hermes Spring 2011 ready-to-wear

Meeting and greeting at the polo club is the right place for this outfit, stylish elegant yet young and sophisticated, perfect to move around in aristocratic circles.

9)Hermes Spring 2011 ready-to-wear

Again an outfit for the social elite in its look and cut as well as the match with the accessories. Hermes at its best suitable for glamourous afternoons and tea parties in South of France.

10)Armani Prive Spring 2010 couture

Purity, harmony and elegance is evident in this two piece suit accentuated by the color of white. A ultra chic image representing femininity and style. Can meet the glitterati anytime anywhere.

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The high-end luxury brand is a fashion house founded by Critobal Balenciaga.  He is a Spanish designer with a reputation as a couturier of uncompromised standards.  Currently owned by the French multinational company PPR, his signature trademark consists of bubble skirts with are odd, feminine and yet ultra modern.

For Cristobal Balenciaga, began his fashion empire with his first boutique in Spain in 1918.  From there, he expanded and opened stores in Madrid and Barcelona.  Many of his customers consisted of the Spanish royal family and aristocrats.  Unfortunately, the Spanish Civil War forced him to close his stores and move to Paris, France.  There, Balenciaga opened a Paris couture house along Avenue George V in August 1937.  In Paris, his first runway show displayed heavy influences from the Spanish Renaissance.  This allowed him to gain some notoriety, success, and popularity.  So much so that followers risked their safety to travel to Paris from various parts of Europe to see him during World War II.  During that period, Balenciaga was noted for his “Square Coat.”  This consisted of sleeve cuts that were cut in a single piece with the yoke.  Much of his designs were black (or brown) laced over bright pink fabric.

In the post-war years, Balenciaga’s trademark became more developed and pronounced.  His designs became more inventive and original.  His lines more linear and sleek, entirely changing the view of women’s silhouette.  In 1951, Balenciaga pushed further by transforming the silhouette through broadening the shoulders and removing the waistline.  In 1955, he designed a tunic dress which was later developed into a chemise in 1958.  Some examples of his design and influence include:

Spherical Balloon Jacket (1953)







High Wasted Baby Doll Dress (1957)






Cocoon Coat (1957)










The Balloon Skirt (1957)








The Sack Dress (1957)









In 1959, the Empire Line was created through using a high-waisted dress and coats, much like a kimono.  In many ways, his most important contribution to the fashion world was redefining a new silhouette for women.

Beginning in 1960, Balenciaga began innovating further with his designs.  He used heavy fabrics, intricate embroidery, and bold materials.  He also created collars that stood away from the collarbone which formed a swanlike appearance and shortened the bracelet sleeve, another one of his hallmarks.  For the 1950s and 1960s, Balenciaga was considered a master in haute couture to such an extent that he designed the wedding dress for Queen Fabiola of Belgium.  His influence can also be seen in other well-known designers whom tutelage consisted of Oscar de la Renta (1949), Andre Correges (1950), Emanuel Ungaro (1958), and Hubert de Givenchy.

In 1957, a well-known conflict with the fashion press began in which Balenciage decided only to unveil his new designs to retailers one day before the retail selling date.  This went against the standard norm of four weeks before retail date.  Despite doing this for 10 years…Balenciaga finally relented in 1967 and followed the rest of the industry.

In 1968, Balenciaga closed his fashion house and died in 1972.  The fashion house laid dormant until 1986.  At that time, Jacques Bogard S.A. acquired the rights to Balenciaga and opened a new ready-to-wear line called “Le Dix.”  The first collection was designed by Michel Goma in 1987.  Unfortunately, the next five years the line only gained mixed reviews at best.  Goma was then replaced in 1992 by Dutch designer Jsephus Thimister, who began rebuilding Balenciaga into the high-end luxury brand it is today.  Much of the creative designs came from Nicholas Ghesquiere, whom would eventually be promoted to head designer in 1997.

Currently, Gucci (part of PPR as noted above) owns Balenciaga.  Ghesquiere now heads both the mens and womenswear divisions by reinterpreting Balenciaga classics such as semi-fitted jackets and sack dress.  Celebrities wearing the fashion house include Madonna and Sinead O’Connor.  By 2005, Balenciaga was making profit.  Other celebrities joined such as Anna Wintour, Jennifer Connelly, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, and Kylie Minogue.

Today’s well-known items include the motorcycle-inspired handbags “Lariat.”  Balenciaga’s empire continues to grow globally around the world, attracting new follows everyday. 



The Cocoon Shape

The Balloon Shape

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Geeky Fashion

Old School Nerds

During BIFW (Bangkok International Fashion Week) 2010

One of the more difficult styles to pull off, this individual really knows how to showcase his inner geekiness.  With an ensemble consisting of a mushroom haircut, black thick-rimmed glasses, a wool tie, braided black belt, white shirt, black slacks, and black shoes…this look, while not one of the more popular, really displays how properly bring out your old school days.

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Boyfriend cut pants

Boyfriend cut pants

During BIFW (Bangkok International Fashion Week) 2010

Inspired by those countless rendezvous nights of illicit fun, the ladies of the night wake up the next morning to find that they have no clothes to wear, save for the smokey and sweat stained attire of last night’s romp.  What better than their lover’s pants?  This style, when properly accessorized, gives that cutting edge to a style that has slowly emerged in Thailand.

Woman on the left is wearing a boyfriend cut pants, this picture was taken outside Hermes store in Paragon.

Friend of mine worn the same style pants for Sunday brunch.

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Mens cropped jacket

cropped jacket

During BIFW (Bangkok International Fashion Week) 2010

This is one of the more unique style trends to come around.  For the last year or so, it has (no pun intended) cropped up in various magazines and style journals.  While not yet en masse, this is definitely a style that will most likely be a leading trend in the next year or so.

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Leopard en vogue

cat woman

During BIFW (Bangkok International Fashion Week) 2010

One-piece garment with sleeves and legs originally known as jumpsuit is worn by Skydivers, Aviators, Astronauts, Motorcycle racers and so on, but the jumpsuit has made occasional appearances in common and high fashion in 1980s but has never been a common item of everyday wear. The jumpsuit has become a fashion mainstay for over decades and has had quite a fashion makeover from its origins in the 70s and 80s.  Jumpsuits now come in various styles, colors, prints, and cuts…offering a vibrant variety to an otherwise dreary wardrobe.

Another woman caught wearing a jumpsuit in Siam Square.

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