Men’s/Women’s Casual & Formal Wear

1) Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011

A smart casual attire as it is both fashionably elegant yet also casual. The attention is also drawn to the color matching of the pink V-Neck T-shirt, the neck adornment, green belt, complimenting each other for the total look.

2)D&G Spring 2011

Hip casual. A successful match of shirt and jacket  and in combination with the right trouser makes a very alluring outfit for this trendy image.

3)D&G Spring 2011

Casual yet elegant in the combination of the monochrome color match and mix of uni colored trousers with patterned shirt  and cardigan.

4)Chanel Spring 2011

A true fashionista’s outfit for the self conscious and attraction seeking. Can be worn on trendy or semi formal occasions.

5) D’Squared

A today’s metrosexual attire in perfect harmony from top to bottom can be worn as a party outfit or as an urban fashion statement.

6)Givenchy Spring 2011

The wildlife in a urban jungle . The elegant transformation from beast to man as leopard is considered one of the most elegant creatures it can also identify elegance worn by humans.

7)Versace Spring 2011

Formal with a somewhat casual twist. Good for sophisticated afternoon or pre-dinner meeting.

8)Dolce & Gabbana

An image of urban chic suitable for many occasions such as a business meeting or cocktail gathering.

9)Gianfranco Ferre Spring 2011

For the formal black and white event, wedding at the beach or captain’s dinner on a cruise.

10)Versace Spring 2011

Black is beautiful, it epitomizes elegance and sophistication. Can be worn on many occasions, above all black tie events.

1) Gucci Spring 2011

A casual mix of style and color. Young and chic for a color conscious self assured woman to be worn for casual meetings or brunch.

2)Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011

Sleek black tight worn with a military inspired jacket to give extra chic look for girls of the new generation. The over all look  is accentuated by the eye catching green belt.

3)Christian Dior Resort 2011

Barbie wannabe casual look for ultra chic and trendy. This outfit is mostly suitable for women of size zero and looks better on taller women in their late teens to early 20’s.

4)Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011

High waisted bermuda horizontal stripped skirt perfectly matched with white blouse for everyday wear . Casual yet elegant.

5)Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011

Military inspired trench dress for the city war zone. Non-leathal in its intent but effective in its look for today’s fashion victims.

6)Christian Dior Resort 2011 ready-to-wear

Glamour from head to toe, scintillating in color and cut. A sure stunner which will turn heads wherever the wearer will appear. Suitable for any fashion or gala occasions.

7)Versace Spring 2010 ready-to-wear

Making all the man lust to meet the woman in this voluptuous dress. Women with their curvaceous body can definitely pull this look off. Perfect asymmetric cut and matched in color and design.

8)Hermes Spring 2011 ready-to-wear

Meeting and greeting at the polo club is the right place for this outfit, stylish elegant yet young and sophisticated, perfect to move around in aristocratic circles.

9)Hermes Spring 2011 ready-to-wear

Again an outfit for the social elite in its look and cut as well as the match with the accessories. Hermes at its best suitable for glamourous afternoons and tea parties in South of France.

10)Armani Prive Spring 2010 couture

Purity, harmony and elegance is evident in this two piece suit accentuated by the color of white. A ultra chic image representing femininity and style. Can meet the glitterati anytime anywhere.

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